Ground screw

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Helical piles, sometimes called helical piers or helical anchors, are underpinning deep foundation elements for soil stabilization and foundation needs. Helical piles are manufactured from extra strong steel shaft and helical steel plates.             As factory – manufacturer, we are able to produce various types of lead sections for the pile or anchors shaft and varied size of he
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foundations screws

Foundation screws

Foundation screws are a concrete free screw pile foundation system used as ground mounting system for solar PV and house foundation. It is quicker to install, is more efficient, sustainable and has higher value for money when compared with the concrete foundations. It is also used in road construction, highways, fields, parks, decks etc. Screw foundations are easy to install. There is no requirement of heavy manpower
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Manage The Tools In An Efficient Manner

Ground Screw is a major component of the industry and helpful for supplying dig ground screw per drawings and recommended with proper ground screw foundations as like the soil investigation report or type of usage. They are being managed using the reasonable pricing mechanism and high quality needs. The products as offered also own two Certificate of Utility Model Patent and three Certificate of Design Patent. The gr
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Use of Ground Screws is a very Convenient Option in Modern Day Construction Technology

The China based HS Metal Products company started manufacturing and supplying ground screws since the year 2007. In this respect, they have acquired a total of 5 patents across 2 different categories- 2 certificates of Utility Model Patent and 3 certificates of Design Patent. Ground screws are made of steel and bear an outer hot dip galvanized protective coating. They are also referred to as “helical pile” or “screw
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Publishing of New Invention of Ground Screw

Fiber Ground Screw to Be Published To catch the trend of environmental protection, especially with combination development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province in China, we have been studying new material- fibre composite for ground screw. With this material, ground screw could be formed directly – without shrinking, without welding, without galvanization. Previously we had made fiber ground screw with small
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