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welding of screw pile

Technical Requirement on Welding of Screw Pile

Welding of screw pile HS Metal professionally produce screw pile and give special attention on details.  Locate welding point of the helix plate according to specified requirement. Width of welding of helix is 3 mm, no bubble,no fake welding. Reinforce welding at start and stop point of helix on screw pile shaft. Handle with care to avoid transformation of the helix and shaft ends. Nuts on the ground screw must be lo
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Hot dip galvanization

Hot Dip Galvanization Introduction Ground screw is widely used as foundation of PV solar system,fencing,house construction etc. Pole anchors, wood connectors are used to fasten objects. Hot dip galvanization is to be performed to anti-rust and guarantee life of ground screw,post anchor. Hot dip galvanization includes below steps: 1. Remove pollutants from to-be-galvanized products; 2. Do pickling and then rinse with
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Automatic shrinking machine for ground screw

Ground screw pile is made of conical steel pipe and helix. To make conical pipe ends, the usage of automatic shrinking machine frees most of man power and improves the production. After heating from the induction coil, heated pipes are loaded onto automatic shrinking machine and finish shrinking stage.
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Hardness of Metal Timber Connector

Hardness of Metal Timber Connector Metal timber connectors are used to bind timber to timber, timber to steel, timber to concrete. Hot dip galvanization could protect wood connector from corrosion. And hardness of timber connector bracket itself is very important to its quality. Heavy timber metal connector is made of steel plate, after cutting, bending, flattening, forming, calibrating etc, wood connector is made th
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Galvanized Steel Plate

Galvanized Steel Plate Galvanized steel plate is the raw material to produce steel garden hardware items: steel post support, metal timber connector, metal fence posts etc. Surface of steel plate is galvanized to anti-rust. Galvanization is an economic and effect method. Almost half amount of zinc in the world is used for galvanization. Definition: galvanization is to protect steel plate from corrosion,thus to furnis
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Welding Process and Welding Method Welding is a key factor to the quality of steel post base, steel structural connectors and other metal welding parts. Welding is a process to unite two pieces of steel or above together with welding material (welding rod or welding stick) under high temperature or high pressure. There’re different welding processes according to various welding methods. Welding process is used
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Inspection Standard of Metal Stamping Parts

What’s the Inspection Standard of Metal Stamping Parts Custom metal stamping parts is made by forming sheet steel plate, pipe through punching machine and dies to expected shape and size. Sheet metal forming and casting are both called punch processing. Raw material of metal stamping parts are mainly hot rolled and cold rolled steel plate and strip steel. How to inspect China metal stamping parts ? What’s the standar
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Metal stamping parts

Advantage of Metal Stamping Parts Metal stamping parts are processed by shaping raw material (sheet metal) to form into different size with various shape of metal with certain performance by die. Drawing, raw material, die, and punch press machine are top 4 elements to fabricate sheet metal. Metal stamping parts are manufactured by cold processing which is the most useful way to proceed precision metal stamping, it&#
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Introduction of Metal Stamping Process

Metal Stamping Process Hua Sheng Metal Product Co.,Ltd has been manufacturing sheet metal products for more than 10 years. These metal stamping parts are served as fastener used in construction, building industry etc. Wood connector, post anchor manufactured by metal punch technology are applicable in home and garden industry etc. Compared with forged piece, casting piece, stamping piece is more lighter, thinner but
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How to choose raw material

Raw Material of Steel Post anchor & Steel Timber Connector Steel sheets and plates are raw material of post anchor, timber connector, metal punching part. So quality of steel sheets is vital element to the quality of steel post anchor, steel timber connector. Steel sheets (steel plates) are tabulate, square, produced by rolling process or cut from steel strip. Types of steel plate can be classified: by processing
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