Post Anchor
post holder

Post holder

Post holder   Galvanized post holders are suitable to secure structures to hard standing bases, such as concrete, brick or paving to fasten fence, barrier, shaky room, tent, billboard, pergolas, shelters etc to protect posts from corrosion. Instead of digging hole, pouring cement, cement-in post holder becomes great to install posts, poles into ground.There are metal post spike, bolt down post holder, ground scr
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H type post anchor
bolt down post support
galvanized mtal post anchor

Square Post Anchor

   Square Post Anchor   Code:HSP-02 Material: metal Recommend Use: Post anchors are used to locate posts into ground, concrete or ecking
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screw post anchor

Screw post anchor

Code: HSP-01 Material: metal Recommend Use: Screw Post anchors are used to fasten solar panel system, tent        
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