Screw pile
fibre ground screw

Fibre ground screw

Fibre Ground Screw Code: HSF Material: Composite fibre   We now innovated new type of ground screw – high strength fibre ground screw.This is made of composite fibre. Apart from features of steel screw pile, fibre ground screw features: Anti-corrosion Anti-acid Temperature usage condition: minus 40 degree ~ plus 40 degree One-step forming Cost effective: cheaper than steel ground screw Lifespan: 30 years N
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ground screw with flange

Steel screw piles

Steel screw piles Steel screw piles are served as foundation for modern constructions. A steel pile with helical plates screwed into ground and compress the surrounding ground as solid foundation support. According to different size, helical piles create various tension and compression loading capacity. Steel screw piles are made through cutting, heating, shrinking, punching, welding, galvanizing. How screw pile foun
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