Timber Wood Connector
timber metal connector

Timber Metal Connector

 Timber metal connector Code:HSTJ Material: metal Recommend Use: timber to timber, timber to steel We are timber metal connector manufacturer in China. Timber metal connector is designed to fasten wood to beams, wood to steel rigidly with pre-punched holes. It’s connected through nails, bolts,screws. Timber connector bracket is widely used in timber building sector: to fix wood on furniture,pergola,purlin,truss
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galvanized angle bracket

Galvanized Angle Bracket

  Galvanized Angle Bracket  Code: HSTA Material: metal Recommend Use: timber building sector We are factory of galvanized angle bracket in China. We have exported wood connectors to European, USA, Oceania market. Angle bracket belongs to timber connector. It’s been produced by sheet metal stamping process. Steel angle bracket is ideal for connecting timber frames, decking, pergola, purlin, and also for fix
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joist hanger

Joist Hanger

 Joist hanger   Code:HSTJ Material: metal Recommend Use: timber to timber joist hanger We are timber connector – joist hanger manufacturer in China. Joist hangers are made of galvanized sheet metal and have stamped holes on sides to provide strong support between joist and beams when building a decking, pergola, floor, roof,etc. It belongs to cold formed galvanised steel connector. Galvanized joist hanger
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