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News - HS Metal Product


Metal Stamping Part Process

What is a metal stamping part? We can understand it as the parts formed in the stamping process. The products are widely used in precision connector terminals, relay shrapnel, micro motor shrapnel, IC lead frames, automotive terminals, medical terminals and other consumer electronics industries, or outdoor, furniture and other industries. . What should we pay attention to when processing metal stamping parts? LetR
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No dig ground screw anchor manufacturer from China

China’s robust export performance will not lose steam in the second half of the year, supported by recovering global demand and the nation’s pursuit of high-quality development, according to experts and business leaders. The challenges foreign trade faces, such as disrupted logistics and surging commodity prices, are not likely to continue for long, as the nation’s steadily optimizing business envir
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post base

Post base factory face challenges

As factory of post base, we are facing challengs post-pandemic. China’s foreign trade will see challenges during the second half of the year, but is still expected to register solid growth, according to analysts and business leaders. Such challenges include recurring COVID-19 outbreaks, rising costs from disrupted logistics and surging commodity prices. The reoccurring COVID-19 outbreaks, especially the rampant
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What Corona Virus Bring to Us

What Corona Virus Bring to US The unexpected virus happened in 2020, it was a epidemic. To protect, we were encouraged to stay at home, wash hands constantly, exchange fresh air by opening window, wear mask when going out. And every time we went out, temperature will be tested. These all brought thinking to us: why the virus happened, and what is the value of our life, and what we can do. The investigation on the vir
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Anchor Bolts

Anchor Bolt Washers FEATURES: For attaching bottom plate or sill plate to newly poured concrete foundation Hot dipped galvanized anchor bolts and plates are recommended when working with treated lumber Also available packaged in burlap or poly bags Anchor Bolts With Nut & Washer
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post fixing spikes

Fence post spike usage feedback

We are manufacture of hot dip galvanized steel post spike, apart we also produce various kinds of fence post anchors and act as trade of steel nails construction product. We shipped fence post spike to New Zealand, and our customers are so kind to share us with the usage and feedback. Feedback on fence post spike “ The fence post spikes are in along the first area of fencing, they worked really well and are ver
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