What Corona Virus Bring to Us

What Corona Virus Bring to US

The unexpected virus happened in 2020, it was a epidemic. To protect, we were encouraged to stay at home, wash hands constantly, exchange fresh air by opening window, wear mask when going out. And every time we went out, temperature will be tested.

These all brought thinking to us: why the virus happened, and what is the value of our life, and what we can do.

The investigation on the virus happening would be carried out by scientists, we do hope that they are safe during the whole process. What will be the value of our life ? We thought it was trying our effort to help others, by our help, others will get better. Take example of doctors, they did their effort to help the affected people; for the cleaner, they did their effort to make the surrounding clean; for the policeman, they did their effort to control the crowd gathering.

And what we can do ? As businessmen, we thought over and over. And we can only do as mush as we can of good things and avoid bad things as much as can. For good things, we will donate to help protect our nature, we deliver mask for free for customers, and we try to do every good thing;

Due to the virus, the normal business was interrupted, raw material supply stopped, freight company stopped. With the better situation trending, we were able to recover gradually. And raw material price was lower, because thereĀ  are a lot of stock of raw material, and galvanization is lower, because they do not work for some time. We started ground screw production smoothly, also with production of post spike, post anchor.

Ground screw productionPost spike factory




We do wish this virus go away as soon as possible. And everyone stay healthy and stay safe. This is our biggest wish.

At last, we post a picture of mask type and mask usage to help understand how to use the mask. The resource is from State Council of China. And we translated.

mask guide


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