Technical Requirement on Welding of Screw Pile

Welding of screw pile

HS Metal professionally produce screw pile and give special attention on details. 

  1. Locate welding point of the helix plate according to specified requirement.
  2. Width of welding of helix is 3 mm, no bubble,no fake welding.
  3. Reinforce welding at start and stop point of helix on screw pile shaft.
  4. Handle with care to avoid transformation of the helix and shaft ends.
  5. Nuts on the ground screw must be located, no missing welding, no fake welding
  6. No welding penetration on the shaft while welding nut.
  7. Flange plate should be vertically welded, use high-power welding machine with suitable electric current which gives the thickest welding line. No fake welding, welding seam width is 8~10 mm
  8. Welding method of stirrup head is sames with flange plate, stirrup U should be vertically welded with shaft, no fake welding, welding seam width is 5~6 mm
  9. It should be horizontal when connecting two pieces of shaft,adjust electric current, welding point should be flat with wide welding, no bubble, no fake welding
  10. If there’s oil or rust appeared on the screw pile, it must be removed before welding.
  11. Quality is the first. Conquer all difficulties and ship best product to customer.

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welding of ground screw

welding of screw pile